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The Institute for Security Analysis is a research institute focused on national security and foreign policy established in 2023. The institute, borne out of collective frustration with Armenia’s failing defense sector, works to bridge critical information gaps and foster a grassroots, whole-of-society approach towards national security.

ISA conducts in-depth research, produces timely analyses and provides policy options — with the aim of advancing a realistic understanding of regional affairs, boosting public engagement, and transforming Armenian national security.

ISA focuses its work on three major areas currently presenting the most unique and pressing challenges to the future of Armenia. These pillars of study include the following topics:

  • Regional Affairs: geopolitical and domestic developments with the potential to impact the long-term political, security and economic conditions of the region.
  • Defense and Security Affairs: current and emerging defense and security challenges facing Armenia and its regional counterparts, with a particular focus on Armenian defense reform and the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.
  • Hybrid Warfare and Disinformation Campaigns: the growing threat of grey zone activities and influence campaigns conducted by state and non-state actors.

The organization’s chief objective is to help foster an accountable and effective Armenian defense sector. To accomplish this feat, ISA aims to lay the groundwork for an alternative, nongovernmental policy ecosystem to incubate novel ideas around national security and foreign policy. The goal is to rear a new generation of security professionals by training policymakers, providing opportunities for innovative knowledge production and creating space for reformers. ISA believers that such a network of critical thinkers will accelerate much-needed governance reform and ultimately deliver fresh solutions to Armenia’s existential security challenges.

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